Thursday, 28 December 2006

The year 2006 - in pictures

Tidying up the "Pleintje" 1 January 2006:

JP & Anna - party time:

Visit to the van Gogh museum:

The (very wet) JIVE garden party:

Dwingeloo 50yr and Huug van Woerdon 80th birsthday party:

ASTRON-JIVE openday in Dwingeloo:

Messing about on the river!

Georgie finally visits Anna Frank's house:

JP and Anna's dugs arrive:

Madame Tusauds:

Cape cod:

The Hilton Prague:

Bored in Prague:

The gay parade Amsterdam:

Jasmin's first flight on her own:

Unusual view of the 300-m Arecibo telescope (underneath the surface) in Puerto Rico:

The Rose-line at Paris Observatory:

Greenland from 30000ft:

South Africa & Table mountain:

At the end of the year its good to look back and see how lucky you have been; I've seen some amazing things this year:

Mobile phones and cameras

I've been playing with my new mobile phone. It's got a camera - yes I know most people had that years ago but I'm slow in these things. You can take pictures any time, any place. here are a few of my latest compositions.

Some of my pics:

Jenny shopping C1000!

Georgi and mum watching the tele:

Our neighbour JP, helping Caron with the sewing "fur the dugs":

Jan (our neighbour) enjoying a borrell at another DDD party!

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Christmas at last!

It's Christmas at last - time to wind down from a hectic 2006. I have just finished installing the kids iPods and thought I would again try and maintain a blog - tried this last year but failed to maintain it!

I've been thinking of all the great things that happened to me this year (trying to be positive). I achieved a life-long ambition of visiting the stadium where Celtic won the European Cup back in 1967 (Estadio Nacionale, Lisbon - see photo). It was a great day - I arrived early Saturday morning, as I was arriving another Celtic fan was leaving! The stadium was open and you could just walk in and explore! I walked from one end of the field to the other, stood just outside the area where the trophy was presented to big Billy, and also looked around the underground stairs where the players emerged from the dressing rooms. There was some kind of fun run being organised and there was this huge sound system in place - the guy was playing U2s a "beatiuful day" - I suspect not by coincidence - an amazing experience!